What is New Consensus?

New Consensus is a think tank that works on plans to directly tackle the largest problems facing humanity. We aim to solve problems like climate change, economic stagnation, racial and rural wealth gaps, and more by proposing solutions modeled after mass economic mobilizations of the past. To do this, we draw on successful examples from not only America's own history, but also advanced economies around the world.

Our guiding principle at New Consensus is that it is possible to create the best world we can conceive of. A world where everyone can live free, prosperous lives. Humanity has everything it needs to build that world in a single generation: billions of creative, hard working people, technology that already can allow us to make a comfortable living safely and sustainably, and unlimited energy from the sun that we can now harness to power that technology.

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New Consensus regularly publishes plans and proposals for how to solve some of the biggest challenges facing America on its website. If you are interested in learning about these solutions, subscribe here. We’ll also post more informal thoughts here often, investigating and analyzing various parts of our economy.

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Humanity has everything it needs to build a sustainable world economy with prosperity for all.


Cofounder of New Consensus.
Now: President @newconsensus. Before: Chief of Staff @AOC, Co-founder @justicedems, Started product team @stripe.